Energy drinks

Energy boost

Great physical exertion and stressful work have the same effect - they lower efficiency and cause physical as well as mental tiredness. How can that be avoided? The answer is very simple - Energy Drinks.

Energy drink:

* provides energy and stimulation for intense exertion

* improves concentration and ability to react

* provides essential vitamins

* speeds up the process of removing toxic substances produced during strenuous exercise

Main ingredients

These effects are possible due to the carefully selected elements:

* Taurine: an amino acid working  against oxidation processes in muscles after exercise, leading to quicker regeneration and readiness for further work. Taurine is abundant in the human heart, which cannot however create it alone.

* Caffeine: stimulates the cerebral cortex and therefore the entire nervous system. The amount of caffeine in one can of Ozone is the same as the amount in one cup of coffee.

* Group B vitamins: maintain the efficiency of the nervous system, improve the memory and concentration.

* Sugar: provides energy.

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